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Our Mission

Our mission is to help unhoused people move towards self-sufficiency and a safe home in our community.

What We Do

Public Assistance Programs

We help clients apply for public assistance programs. With so many programs available, it can be daunting to find the right one.

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We work with our clients to explore careers, set goals, and develop contacts. We also find resources for our clients that help them progress towards self-sufficiency.

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We match our clients with mentors who work with them to develop career paths, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling.

Clients We Serve

Our clients are people in our community who are facing extreme financial hardship. Most of them grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area or have been living and working here for many years before experiencing a single bad event which forced them to live in their cars or on the streets.

According to the 2019 Point-in-Time count, 30% of homelessness in Santa Clara County was caused by job loss and another 14% was caused by eviction.

Our clients are resilient and are working hard to overcome these challenges to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient again, but they need help and support from their community. They deserve the chance to have a normal life like everybody else and they deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion.