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Car Donation Helps with Commuting and Housing Search!

Rear view of a black Subaru hatchback as it drives away with the driver waving
UEO organized a local resident's car donation for Katie.

Hi, I’m Katie. I have been unhoused for about four and a half years. I currently work part-time at a local law firm, saving money and trying to get housed again in the near future. 

The United Effort Organization helped me in many ways. Specifically I was amazed that they were able to find a local resident to donate a car! This greatly helps me with transportation to and from work, and, until I find safe housing, it gives me a safer place to sleep, rather than on the streets. 

A car also makes finding a place to live easier, because not having to look only at housing that is on the bus line really increases my search area, giving me a better chance of finding something affordable.  Thank you to The United Effort Organization!! 

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