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Your donation will directly support our united efforts to scale our services and provide a helping hand to those in need of affordable housing and benefits.

Why UEO? We are effective, demonstrating that our approach has made great progress through our all-volunteer team! We found affordable housing for 37 people (370% increase over 2022) and helped more than 627 people apply for benefits or other services! Also, we are proud that The City of Mountain View now recognizes UEO as one of the community organizations that provides homeless services and outreach.

Thanks to your donation, and to our many volunteers, we are able to offer free comprehensive and integrated services and develop proprietary self-service tools to help unhoused people find affordable housing, public assistance programs, resources and mentorship.

The United Effort Organization, Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with federal tax ID number 85-2290026.