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Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI)

What is the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI)?

CAPI is a California state program which provides cash assistance to aged, blind and disabled legal non-citizens, who are not eligible for federal SSI/SSP (State Supplemental Payment) solely due to their immigration status.

Who is Eligible for the CAPI Program?

  • California resident
  • 65 or older, blind or with a disability.
  • Legal immigrant. Note: Deeming of the immigrants sponsors' income and property may apply to the immigrants who entered the US on or after 8/22/1996.
  • Have limited income and resources.
  • Unable to get federal SSI benefits because of your immigration status and for no other reasons.

What is the asset limit?

Asset limit is $2,000 for a household of one person, $3,000 for a household of two persons.

How to Apply?

The best way to apply for CAPI depends on which California county you live in. For details, contact your local county social services agency.

Note: Immigrants who may be eligible for SSI/SSP are required to apply for that program. Proof of SSI/SSP denial is required before CAPI benefits are paid.