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VTA Paratransit

What is VTA paratransit?

VTA paratransit is intended to serve as a "safety net" for individuals in Santa Clara County who, because of their disabilities, are unable to use fixed route bus or light rail.

Paratransit is shared ride public transportation, complementary to fixed route transit service. This means paratransit operates within the same service area and service times as VTA bus and light rail service. Customers can expect multiple pickups and drop offs along their trips, just like a bus.

VTA ACCESS paratransit service is provided to eligible individuals with disabilities who cannot use conventional accessible bus and light rail transit service due to their physical, visual or cognitive disabilities.

Eligibility Determination

Your eligibility determination is based on the information you or your legal representative provided us during your application. Levels of eligibility are:

  • Unconditional eligibility means there are no conditions where you can take bus or light rail for your trips, so you can use ACCESS paratransit services anytime.
  • Conditional eligibility means there are sometimes where you can take bus or light rail, and there are other times where you cannot. When you are unable to make a trip on the bus or light rail you may book that trip on ACCESS paratransit. On your determination letter it will state under what conditions you can use ACCESS paratransit. Currently you decide when you can take the bus and when you need a paratransit trip. An ACCESS representative will not deny a trip because of your eligibility conditions, but we encourage you to take the bus when you can but are welcome to book with ACCESS paratransit when you need to.
  • Temporary means you only require ACCESS paratransit services for a short period of time while you recover, stabilize your condition, or other short-term circumstances.

How to apply for the VTA ACCESS Paratransit Service